Give a little bit…

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…Give a little bit of your love to me.

I have that song in my head. Sorry… again for not updating sooner. It’s because I write in my journal everyday so when I get to here I don’t have much to write about; and some things are not for the world to see. These past few days have been a little hard… Wil was getting worse and wouldn’t go to the hospital until Mum made him promise to go. He went and was admitted for 12 hours… Scary stuff but he’ll be okay.I am sure of it.

In fact the last couple of days have been a bit of a blur. It’s not like I do the same thing all the time! I got Wil’s HUGE letter on Tuesday, he makes me so happy bless him. I spoke to the employment office from church today and they said they could try and get me onto a Nursing Course; hopefully I won’t have to pay too much to get on it. I also rang the Nursing Bank and they sent me a nice long and very daunting application form so I need to fill that in and send that back ASAP.

Mum’s been praying to Heavenly Father again tut tut haha no it’s good really. I got a text message from Phillipa (I think that’s how you spell her name) at church who isn’t even in my ward and she was giving me information about the stuff going on tomorrow evening. Then she said she was going upto Leeds on the 27th or 28th of Oct and I could tag along with her; it saves me buying a train ticket and we both have good company on the way up to Yorkshire. I am going up on the 5th anyway to see mum. But I guess she prayed to have just that little bit of extra time with me… so Heavenly Father said ok. Hmmm I need a diary I have appointments like left right and centre…

Soooo let me see if I have this right,

Missionaries for dinner tomorrow (nom nom) then I am going out with Phillipa.

Saturday is Relief Society Conference at 2pm, I was worrying about how I was going to get there and Heavenly Father sent me an angel in the form of my Visiting Teacher who said she would take me.

Sunday is General Conference at 5pm? I think

Tuesday I meet with Helen to get to know my Relief Society President a bit better.

Thursday is Instititute… I need to figure out how I am going to get there because Dad can’t take me.

Monday 11th I have a BacktoWork review

Weekend of 15-17th I am in Bradford/Huddersfield for YSA Convention

28th Back to Bradford until the 11th of November…. I think that’s it for now.

The sisters are going to the Temple next weekend I think. At first I was really weary about going but now I want to go; but I don’t have a temple recommend it’d be nice to go to just wander around the grounds though. I’ll have to talk to my Relief Society President.

Lots of blessings today which is good. I miss Wil though. I’ll send him his letter tomorrow so he should get it by Tuesday… It’s actually quicker for me to send it to my mum to forward it than to send it through the mission home. Silly really.

Uhmmm what else…. Nope. I think that’s it. =)

Readings and Study

Well….. I AM IN JACOB!!! I am not asking questions about it just yet, like I can feel the Spirit when I read it but I just want to read it all first, and then go through and ask questions. I am also reading D&C still… it is a bit of a mouthful to get my head around but at least Institute will help with that.

Bon nuit lovely people


Tick Tick Tickity Tock

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That’s what everything feels like right. I seem to be very concious of my days running out from underneath my feet. Where is all the time going? Where are all my days going? The countdown is on… even though Mum says it shouldn’t be, but it’s fun. Today was pretty good. I am going to say it and someone is going to cringe but I LOVE church. I love my ward I love the new people I am meeting all the time and I love how spiritual my ward is; even how spiritual the Stake is!

We were taught about Lust today in Relief Society; it reinforced to me just how much I LOVE Wil. There I said it… so shoot me.

I have a lot going on this week and yet I feel like I am still doing nothing! I have something on Tuesday; a few things Friday and of course its Conference Weekend so I’m going over to Merthyr on Saturday and Sunday. I really should get a proper diary one of these days. I am *fingers crossed* hoping that I can get to the Young Single Adults Convention in Hudds’ on the 15-17th October… I’m going to sneakily stay at my mums place with Emily it’ll be nice to see everyone. I can’t believe it’s going to be October soon! October! Craziness.

Mum told Wil and me to write shorter letters more often but we’ll see how things go; she is right though. Writing shorter letters more often is better but how can I possibly chop a letter in half… into a quarter of what I write now! Hard times. Also, Wil’s not been well which worries me I hope he gets better soon; speshly since he might be moving wards and then my mum can’t keep an eye on him.

He’s my Prince. Anyway…. LESS gushy stuff please! haha

I sent mum a letter this evening and I wrote to Emily too. I forget to write to Bethany so I must write to her; she’s my family too and Michael but who knows what he’s upto these days. I know this post is a bit random it’s because my thoughts are all over the place and I’m kinda watching a film at the same time. Maybe I should post more… then they’ll be shorter. Like post the same time I write in my journal. hehe. I want to scrapbook and bake but trying to find a cheap scrapbook is like looking for a needle in a haystack! GAHH!

Readings and Study

I’ve been reading 2 Nephi. It’s been a little hard to follow but I am getting the hang of it again. Gayle asked me a question the other day and I couldn’t answer it, she asked me “Why aren’t you allowed to drink tea,coffee or cola?” and all I could say was “we can drink cola, but in the scriptures it tells us not to drink hot drinks with stimulants” but that didn’t settle the question. Yesterday I read in 2 Nephi that we shouldn’t drink strong drinks that keep us awake when we get ‘arise’ early in the morning. Nice answer to my question.

Doctrine and Covenants hasn’t been so hunky dory either but I’ve been reading it and I think I am getting the hang of it. It’s not the usual reading but it is very important for contemporary Latter-Day Saints. It talks a lot of the readings and connections to the Book of Mormon and funnily enough whatever I read in the Book of Mormon is then highlighted and connected to what I read in the Doctrine and Covenants. It’s quite freaky but altogether cool.

Oh last note, I’ve decided that I am not going to read just a chapter a day for either book, but I’m just going to read as much as the spirit tells me to read… even if that means reading 5 Chapters because it might hold the answers to some of the questions I have been pondering throughout the day…


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I am so useless at posting on here. I am going to try and post every other day like a mini journal that’s about more mundane things which don’t go in my proper journal. I forgot to post yesterday because well I forgot.

I finished mum’s not-so-suprised surprise box yesterday and sent it today ‘Special Delivery’ because apparently she’s special. She’ll get that tomorrow. It took me ages to do it and I had to think really hard to find something to go in it but I am sure she’ll like it.

At Institute the other day Elder Scott was describing what a wonderful woman his wife was and how she was always helping people. He said she’d pray every day to ask Heavenly Father to bless her life with someone she could help. I didn’t really think about it on Sunday but those words were brewing around in my mind and so I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to bless with me someone that needed help; no matter how big or small the deed. On Monday I held the door open for a woman with a pram and young child and on Tuesday I helped Dad and Gayle by cooking dinner. One deed bigger than the other. Yesterday there was a woman at the train station and she went to use the pay phone but it was broken and I was sat there with my phone… and I didn’t offer it even though every inch of my body was asking me to do so.

It’s weird; those people who need the most help never ask for it. The woman yesterday might have really needed to make an important phone call but didn’t want to impose herself on someone else’s life.

Why don’t we for just one week… see how we can help other people’s lives. No matter how big or small the deed.

The woman won’t remember me; probably didn’t even give me a second thought but a day later I am still thinking of her and the help I could have offered; but didn’t.

I’ve been thinking about my Testimony and about how I can write it down and express the feelings that I have about the gospel in words; it’s harder than you think. Then I thought back to what I used to say when I was little “I believe that the church is true; that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God; that he was called by Heavenly Father to translate the Book of Mormon. I believe that the Book of Mormon is true; I love my mum and dad and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen” and how I used to have to pull down the secret step hinged into the stand so I could reach the microphone.

Then I thought some more, and realised that these words were just the fundamentals of the church the basic principles of what we should base our Testimony on. To me at least, my Testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ is acting upon these fundamental values in the gospel and not just SAYING these things over and over but actually SHOWING how we believe these things and how we live by our Testimony. So yes my Testimony is my beliefs in the church but it is ALSO how I show my beliefs in the church by reading my scriptures; going to church; studying the gospel and praying to Heavenly Father.

Readings and Study

2 Nephi is very sad in the beginning; well actually it’s just very depressing all the way through. I am only on Chapter 6 now but already Lehi has died; his sons have rebelled; the Lamanites and Nephites have formed and contentions have grown through 40 years.

I’m also reading D&C  and last night I was reading about witnesses to the church and what else… hmm I may read it again. It was like 3am before I read it. Oh and I’m reading 2 Chapters from the Book of Mormon and 2 Chapters from D&C. This week Sunday School is on Hosea; the man who was commanded to marry a Harlot. When Mum and Jellybean taught it at mum’s ward it was very interesting; so it’d be nice to see how they teach Hosea here in my ward.

Lots to do!

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Went off to church yesterday and met a couple of new people. I took sacrament =D and received my blessing from the Bishop; which was awesome. I made him overwhelm with emotion which is nices. He is a great Bishop. Then just after church a new friend came over and asked me if I wanted to go to Institute that evening since it was the launch of a new year of studying. I couldn’t think of anything else that I’d being doing on a Sunday evening that was better so I said “yes”.

It was nice to meet some new people, even if I am completely rubbish at remembering names but that doesn’t matter I suppose. It was surprising to meet one girl that has been in Leeds for the past two years and knows some of the same people I do. It’s weird though; people ask you for your last name to associate you with a family so I’m going to have a major large family so when people ask my last name they know exactly who I am. =D

Not doing very much today just walking into town, doing some things down there then walking back home haha. Pretty relaxing day all in all just need to get out of bed and actually start my day and if one more person asks me about JSA I am going to scream. I am getting on with it…. stop asking.

I’m in a baking mood today so we’ll see what comes of that idea. =D Lots of mess and a stunned Gayle when she walks through the door haha.

Readings and Study

Saturday night I was reading 1 Nephi 22 (the chapter) I was reading and reading and writing questions then turned the page and I saw “SECOND BOOK OF NEPHI” staring up at me from the page. I must admit I was smiling a lot. Woo! So last night I read 2 Nephi 1 which is quite a sad chapter really (to me anyway) because Lehi is addressing his family as he knows he’s going to die. Sad chapter really… oh and L & L get angry at Nephi… again.

Then in Sunday School we studied Jonah, which if I must say was a bit of a cop out on the Teacher’s behalf. I mean everyone knows Jonah and everyone who can study it would be able to see quite plainly what the text is trying to say. So I was a bit bummed we didn’t study Micah and that’s what I was most stuck on, but maybe I’m supposed to find the answers to the questions myself.

In the evening at Institute, which was the launch of Institute Elder Richard Scott talked about Missionary Work and Marriage; it was very emotional. Especially since he was talking about finding an eternal partner and what it means to find one and I kept thinking “GAH!! I’ve found mine, I’m just waiting for him now!!” this is when I came to the conclusion that waiting for a missionary is probably one of the most trying tests of patience Heavenly Father could send us. He mentioned some very sacred things. They were extremely heart warming… Just made me miss Wil. But he gets my letter today and I think it might be P-Day so he can hopefully reply to my letter.

Anyway, we’re studying Doctrine & Covenants this year which will be VERY interesting because I’ve never really studied D & C before so it’ll be nice to get my teeth into that book, as well as the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament.

Lots of studying; lots of blessings.


Welcome to this home

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We had the missionary’s over for dinner this evening and it was such a blessing to have them in the home. It felt like it used to when I was a kid; only this time I seemed to be in charge. It just felt so right. The over-whelming feeling of the spirit in the house was AMAZING.

I’ve been praying recently that this house would feel like a home full of the spirit. It hasn’t been feeling like a house with the spirit in it because dad living with his partner withouth being married is seen as sin. But the in the closing prayer before the Elder’s left the house the one who was closing knew exactly what to say. “Please bless this home as a sanctuary from the world and to have poeple feel the spirit and warmth of the household when they are welcomed through the door” I could feel a tear coming to my eye. I am not sure that the missionary will realise how much he answered my prayers this evening.

Reading & Study

I haven’t done my studies of the Book of Mormon yet this evening, but since it’s Friday I might do two chapters. Mum sees me as a child in a sweetshop since coming back to the gospel because I want to know more and more about everything and anything. I have been reading some good articles in the Ensign online and I have the PERFECT one to send to the missionary I am writing too.

But I kinda love this one for myself. sourceId=bcf8ebf1f8a38210VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=2354fccf2b7db010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD

Bon nuit

Now this is what I’ve been looking for!

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I actually love it. TONNES!

Kind of self-explanatory but there it is. Some seriously great tips in there. It’s not like I’ve ever waited before or knew what to write and what not to write. =) Only…uhm…428 days left, apparently. I really should find one of those online calculator things but for some reason Google doesn’t want to help with this one and I am certainly not getting the calender out to count the days!


We’ve got the missionaries coming over to dinner on Friday, should be good. I thought I’d be nice and ask them whether they wanted anything specific to eat for dinner but it seems that hardly any missionaries are allergic to anything… at least that’s what I’ve found. So I’m making dinner (yes mum, me) nothing traditionally English though; tuna pasta bake. This is the first missionary dinner we’ve had at this house and the first we’ve had where I’ve been the head meal maker (usually it’s mum) so I’ve no idea what ACTUALLY goes on at Missionary meals or how long they stay.

Readings & Studying

Well I read Micah yesterday. It went in one ear and out the other or rather in one brain cell and out the other. In the Book of Mormon Nephi has finally finished his boat formed through brilliance and dedication in following the Lord. But as usual Laman and Lemuel get bored of being nice to Nephi so they tie him up; God gets angry very angry, almost to the point of the whole family’s destruction; L & L untie Nephi and he prays to Heavenly Father to calm the seas. Why is it that Laman & Lemuel always repent when they’re on the verge of death & family destruction…? L & L are thankful they get to the Promised Land and all is well. =) Voila (French for “There you go”)

Things keeping me busy

French lessons on BBC website

Practicing my flute and the keyboard… oh and singing. I’ve discovered my voice isn’t too bad when I actually SING.


Just a quick evening post


Two weeks ago I went to church for the first time in 5 years. It was also the first Sunday of the month; good Sunday to be appearing at church me thinks. It was a wonderful day and there were a lot of people there that I hadn’t seen in a while; babies now tottering off to Primary and Young Women taller than me elegantly gliding off to their Sunday School; whilst I tried to find my bearings in Relief Society.

As you may or may not know, I’m only 21. I left the church at 16 therefore missing my transitional period of coming from Young Women’s to Relief Society and let me tell you what a CHANGE that is. I mean in Young Women’s your taught how to be ready for marriage; how to listen and live by the gospel and how to make childhood scrapbooks where your mum doesn’t care if you’ve gone a bit wobbly over the lines…

…Zoom forward to Relief Society where you’re either married, preparing to get married or are thus single due to unforeseen circumstances and you’re being emailed by the Relief Society President asking if you can make H’ordeurves for the upcoming Wedding on Saturday; and you can’t even spell the word let alone even remember what it means. I guess Google has its purposes.

Relief Society:- where home cooking; making appointments for the missionaries to come to dinner; scrapbooking and  being ever so organised in rushing the (eventual) children out the door whilst your husband scurries after you trying to do up his tie.

And I’m not even married, yet.

Readings and studying:

This is where things get a little complicated, as I mentioned before I went back to church two Sunday’s ago, but it was in my old ward with my mum; who teaches Sunday School there. So I was all prepared for her lesson on Hosea; the husband of a harlot. I was also fully prepared for her Sunday School lesson this week (Sunday just gone) on Amos; revelor of the Lord’s secrets and Joel; asking the people to repent.

I get to this Sunday, back in my ward where I live and they’re further behind in teaching Sunday School than my mum is. I find that they’re studying Job; the man so righteous the Lord trials him, quite a good lesson actually; those who fall and stay strong in their faith of the Heavenly Father will receive blessings twofold. A good lesson to re-enter the church on considering it was my first Sunday in my ward. So now I’ve just finished reading about Jonah; who decided to run away from his calling to a ‘great’ city Nineveh to then get swallowed by a Whale and I’ll read Micah tomorrow in preparation for Sunday.

I of course read a chapter from the Book of Mormon everyday. I’m still tottering along in 1 Nephi Chap 17; God tell’s Nephi to build a boat; his brothers Laman & Lemuel mock their brother because they believe he cannot build a boat BUT the Lord NEVER gives us a task he knows we cannot do. He does not want us to fail and fall. Anyway, Laman and Lemuel as usual are in two minds about believing their brother until he brings down the voice of God upon them; even then they get angry. People only get angry because they know you/I are right.

Wow, not a quick evening post at all. I must say that I do type quite fast =D

Bon nuit