I actually love it. TONNES!

Kind of self-explanatory but there it is. Some seriously great tips in there. It’s not like I’ve ever waited before or knew what to write and what not to write. =) Only…uhm…428 days left, apparently. I really should find one of those online calculator things but for some reason Google doesn’t want to help with this one and I am certainly not getting the calender out to count the days!


We’ve got the missionaries coming over to dinner on Friday, should be good. I thought I’d be nice and ask them whether they wanted anything specific to eat for dinner but it seems that hardly any missionaries are allergic to anything… at least that’s what I’ve found. So I’m making dinner (yes mum, me) nothing traditionally English though; tuna pasta bake. This is the first missionary dinner we’ve had at this house and the first we’ve had where I’ve been the head meal maker (usually it’s mum) so I’ve no idea what ACTUALLY goes on at Missionary meals or how long they stay.

Readings & Studying

Well I read Micah yesterday. It went in one ear and out the other or rather in one brain cell and out the other. In the Book of Mormon Nephi has finally finished his boat formed through brilliance and dedication in following the Lord. But as usual Laman and Lemuel get bored of being nice to Nephi so they tie him up; God gets angry very angry, almost to the point of the whole family’s destruction; L & L untie Nephi and he prays to Heavenly Father to calm the seas. Why is it that Laman & Lemuel always repent when they’re on the verge of death & family destruction…? L & L are thankful they get to the Promised Land and all is well. =) Voila (French for “There you go”)

Things keeping me busy

French lessons on BBC website

Practicing my flute and the keyboard… oh and singing. I’ve discovered my voice isn’t too bad when I actually SING.