Went off to church yesterday and met a couple of new people. I took sacrament =D and received my blessing from the Bishop; which was awesome. I made him overwhelm with emotion which is nices. He is a great Bishop. Then just after church a new friend came over and asked me if I wanted to go to Institute that evening since it was the launch of a new year of studying. I couldn’t think of anything else that I’d being doing on a Sunday evening that was better so I said “yes”.

It was nice to meet some new people, even if I am completely rubbish at remembering names but that doesn’t matter I suppose. It was surprising to meet one girl that has been in Leeds for the past two years and knows some of the same people I do. It’s weird though; people ask you for your last name to associate you with a family so I’m going to have a major large family so when people ask my last name they know exactly who I am. =D

Not doing very much today just walking into town, doing some things down there then walking back home haha. Pretty relaxing day all in all just need to get out of bed and actually start my day and if one more person asks me about JSA I am going to scream. I am getting on with it…. stop asking.

I’m in a baking mood today so we’ll see what comes of that idea. =D Lots of mess and a stunned Gayle when she walks through the door haha.

Readings and Study

Saturday night I was reading 1 Nephi 22 (the chapter) I was reading and reading and writing questions then turned the page and I saw “SECOND BOOK OF NEPHI” staring up at me from the page. I must admit I was smiling a lot. Woo! So last night I read 2 Nephi 1 which is quite a sad chapter really (to me anyway) because Lehi is addressing his family as he knows he’s going to die. Sad chapter really… oh and L & L get angry at Nephi… again.

Then in Sunday School we studied Jonah, which if I must say was a bit of a cop out on the Teacher’s behalf. I mean everyone knows Jonah and everyone who can study it would be able to see quite plainly what the text is trying to say. So I was a bit bummed we didn’t study Micah and that’s what I was most stuck on, but maybe I’m supposed to find the answers to the questions myself.

In the evening at Institute, which was the launch of Institute Elder Richard Scott talked about Missionary Work and Marriage; it was very emotional. Especially since he was talking about finding an eternal partner and what it means to find one and I kept thinking “GAH!! I’ve found mine, I’m just waiting for him now!!” this is when I came to the conclusion that waiting for a missionary is probably one of the most trying tests of patience Heavenly Father could send us. He mentioned some very sacred things. They were extremely heart warming… Just made me miss Wil. But he gets my letter today and I think it might be P-Day so he can hopefully reply to my letter.

Anyway, we’re studying Doctrine & Covenants this year which will be VERY interesting because I’ve never really studied D & C before so it’ll be nice to get my teeth into that book, as well as the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament.

Lots of studying; lots of blessings.