I am so useless at posting on here. I am going to try and post every other day like a mini journal that’s about more mundane things which don’t go in my proper journal. I forgot to post yesterday because well I forgot.

I finished mum’s not-so-suprised surprise box yesterday and sent it today ‘Special Delivery’ because apparently she’s special. She’ll get that tomorrow. It took me ages to do it and I had to think really hard to find something to go in it but I am sure she’ll like it.

At Institute the other day Elder Scott was describing what a wonderful woman his wife was and how she was always helping people. He said she’d pray every day to ask Heavenly Father to bless her life with someone she could help. I didn’t really think about it on Sunday but those words were brewing around in my mind and so I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to bless with me someone that needed help; no matter how big or small the deed. On Monday I held the door open for a woman with a pram and young child and on Tuesday I helped Dad and Gayle by cooking dinner. One deed bigger than the other. Yesterday there was a woman at the train station and she went to use the pay phone but it was broken and I was sat there with my phone… and I didn’t offer it even though every inch of my body was asking me to do so.

It’s weird; those people who need the most help never ask for it. The woman yesterday might have really needed to make an important phone call but didn’t want to impose herself on someone else’s life.

Why don’t we for just one week… see how we can help other people’s lives. No matter how big or small the deed.

The woman won’t remember me; probably didn’t even give me a second thought but a day later I am still thinking of her and the help I could have offered; but didn’t.

I’ve been thinking about my Testimony and about how I can write it down and express the feelings that I have about the gospel in words; it’s harder than you think. Then I thought back to what I used to say when I was little “I believe that the church is true; that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God; that he was called by Heavenly Father to translate the Book of Mormon. I believe that the Book of Mormon is true; I love my mum and dad and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen” and how I used to have to pull down the secret step hinged into the stand so I could reach the microphone.

Then I thought some more, and realised that these words were just the fundamentals of the church the basic principles of what we should base our Testimony on. To me at least, my Testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ is acting upon these fundamental values in the gospel and not just SAYING these things over and over but actually SHOWING how we believe these things and how we live by our Testimony. So yes my Testimony is my beliefs in the church but it is ALSO how I show my beliefs in the church by reading my scriptures; going to church; studying the gospel and praying to Heavenly Father.

Readings and Study

2 Nephi is very sad in the beginning; well actually it’s just very depressing all the way through. I am only on Chapter 6 now but already Lehi has died; his sons have rebelled; the Lamanites and Nephites have formed and contentions have grown through 40 years.

I’m also reading D&C  and last night I was reading about witnesses to the church and what else… hmm I may read it again. It was like 3am before I read it. Oh and I’m reading 2 Chapters from the Book of Mormon and 2 Chapters from D&C. This week Sunday School is on Hosea; the man who was commanded to marry a Harlot. When Mum and Jellybean taught it at mum’s ward it was very interesting; so it’d be nice to see how they teach Hosea here in my ward.