Things have been going great here in my little world. Ok so it isn’t my own little world but it kinda seems like it is because I am so far away from anything really. Past few days have been not bad =) not excellent but oh well. The weather here is kinda dampening my mood but it’s here to stay for a few months so I should get used to it! =D

I have been pretty busy even though I still don’t have a job, but it’s not going to get me down. I pretty much had my weekly schedule down to a tea which was great. Conference was pretty awesome. I loved every minute of it. I only watched 4 sessions ( Relief Society + 3 General) out of the 5 I could have watched. But they were all equally amazing and some great words were spoken by some spiritually amazing people; including the Prophet of course. I don’t think the term “President” gives Prophet Monson enough credit.

Lunch was great with my Relief Society President, we had a nice chat about things and I had lovely long phonecall with Wil; which made my day (That was on Sunday). I had Institute this evening which was awesome and it made a lot of sense. The teacher is incredible! It took me forever to get to Merthyr though so I need to sort out bus times and train times etc. Tomorrow I should receive a package from my mum which will be cool and then I am going to go over the Doctrine and Covenants work that we did this evening. Just to keep it fresh in my memory.

I am now reading Mosiah!! King Benjiman is addressing the people in his kingdom. I love the things that he says. As you may be able to tell I am not giving a detailed account of what I read and how I interpret it but that’s because I am just reading it at the moment. Taking it all in. Then when I read the Book of Mormon again I will comment on it all. I might start a new blog for that since there’s only so much you can write in blog…. and you’re probably bored of reading already.

I think this blog should have a theme….