Two weeks ago I went to church for the first time in 5 years. It was also the first Sunday of the month; good Sunday to be appearing at church me thinks. It was a wonderful day and there were a lot of people there that I hadn’t seen in a while; babies now tottering off to Primary and Young Women taller than me elegantly gliding off to their Sunday School; whilst I tried to find my bearings in Relief Society.

As you may or may not know, I’m only 21. I left the church at 16 therefore missing my transitional period of coming from Young Women’s to Relief Society and let me tell you what a CHANGE that is. I mean in Young Women’s your taught how to be ready for marriage; how to listen and live by the gospel and how to make childhood scrapbooks where your mum doesn’t care if you’ve gone a bit wobbly over the lines…

…Zoom forward to Relief Society where you’re either married, preparing to get married or are thus single due to unforeseen circumstances and you’re being emailed by the Relief Society President asking if you can make H’ordeurves for the upcoming Wedding on Saturday; and you can’t even spell the word let alone even remember what it means. I guess Google has its purposes.

Relief Society:- where home cooking; making appointments for the missionaries to come to dinner; scrapbooking and  being ever so organised in rushing the (eventual) children out the door whilst your husband scurries after you trying to do up his tie.

And I’m not even married, yet.

Readings and studying:

This is where things get a little complicated, as I mentioned before I went back to church two Sunday’s ago, but it was in my old ward with my mum; who teaches Sunday School there. So I was all prepared for her lesson on Hosea; the husband of a harlot. I was also fully prepared for her Sunday School lesson this week (Sunday just gone) on Amos; revelor of the Lord’s secrets and Joel; asking the people to repent.

I get to this Sunday, back in my ward where I live and they’re further behind in teaching Sunday School than my mum is. I find that they’re studying Job; the man so righteous the Lord trials him, quite a good lesson actually; those who fall and stay strong in their faith of the Heavenly Father will receive blessings twofold. A good lesson to re-enter the church on considering it was my first Sunday in my ward. So now I’ve just finished reading about Jonah; who decided to run away from his calling to a ‘great’ city Nineveh to then get swallowed by a Whale and I’ll read Micah tomorrow in preparation for Sunday.

I of course read a chapter from the Book of Mormon everyday. I’m still tottering along in 1 Nephi Chap 17; God tell’s Nephi to build a boat; his brothers Laman & Lemuel mock their brother because they believe he cannot build a boat BUT the Lord NEVER gives us a task he knows we cannot do. He does not want us to fail and fall. Anyway, Laman and Lemuel as usual are in two minds about believing their brother until he brings down the voice of God upon them; even then they get angry. People only get angry because they know you/I are right.

Wow, not a quick evening post at all. I must say that I do type quite fast =D

Bon nuit